Sunday, 14 April 2019

Favourite Lifestyle Books

And just like that one of my blogging goals for 2019 went out the window... It was going so well but general life stuff got in the way. If you read my last blog post, then you will know that I was struggling to secure a graduate job BUT I have finally secured my dream job. I'm so excited to start it and I'm also excited to get back into blogging regularly. In preparation for my 'big girl' job, I've been reading loads of lifestyle books to try to become the most productive and motivated version of myself. Here's a round up of my favourites:

Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba
This is the ultimate pocket-sized guide for working women. It's packed full of advice - covering all topics from maximising your productivity to building your personal brand, as well as tips on managing your money and improving your presentation skills. The book also includes contributions from female entrepreneurs as they share their inspiring stories and advice. Although the book is generally aimed at women working in the creative industries, it contains useful information for women everywhere. Also, it only took me about 2 hours to read this book so it's great if time isn't on your side.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso
For me, Sophia Amoruso is the OG girlboss - I'm pretty sure she coined the term 'girlboss'. In the space of 10 years, Sophia went from a high-school dropout to founder of one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world; Nasty Gal. This book focuses a lot on her life pre-Nasty Gal and proves that success doesn't come from how clever you were at school. It also includes behind-the-scenes stories from Nasty Gal's meteoric rise. There's also been a Netflix series made from the book, which you should definitely watch if you enjoy the book. As you can see I've become a bit obsessed with the whole #girlboss movement!

Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba
Cara's story is really inspiring and she is the ultimate 'side hustler'. Girl Code is aimed at female entrepreneurs who are on the edge of change. The book is a blend of advice, personal stories, inspirational quotes and practical workbook sections. It places particular importance on eradicating jealousy throughout the book and included some amazing examples of women working together (as often women feel like they're competing with each other but, like Cara says in Girl Code, there's room for all of us). I would highly recommend checking out Cara's website as it has loads of useful information on there too!

How to Be an Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis
Another incredibly inspiring story is that of Maria Hatzistefanis. I must confess that I actually hadn't heard of her until I came across a few videos of YouTubers recommending her book. However I had heard of her company, Rodial, and I was interested to find out more about how she built the brand. This book gives an insight into how Maria got to where she is today (SPOILER ALERT: it took a lot of hard work and long hours). It also offers some valuable tips that you can apply to building your personal brand or business.

If you're looking for advice or inspiration, then hopefully this selection of books has given you some ideas of where to start looking. Also, if you've got any suggestions for the next book I could read, then send them my way - I'm a sucker for a lifestyle book!


  1. YES I love all four of them :)

    x Lisa |

  2. I want to read all of these! I watched the Girl Boss Netflix series and, since then, I have had my eyes on the book

    1. You have to read the book! I loved it, so inspirational x

  3. I might not be a famous lifestyle book writer, but I do know that the most important thing at any work is to never get too friendly with your coworkers. Sometimes it's so tempting, because most of these guys are awesome and very sociable, but the truth is at the end of the day it will always return and kick you. Anyway, great suggestions.

  4. I LOVED girlboss. You've made me really want to pick up Girl Code now though!

    Lucy |

    1. I loved Girl Code! Not only was it helpful but I also learnt about loads of amazing women entrepreneurs because they were featured in the book - you should definitely get it! x

  5. Some really good recommendations :)
    Congratulations on the job!!
    A book that's on my 'to read' list is Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Rachel | The Modern Bohemian

    1. Thank you so much! Ooo I haven't heard of that one, I'll have to check it out x

  6. I love these books, I've read them all from page to page!

    Danielle xx


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