Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Ultimate Lisbon Travel Guide

For the second part of our trip, we stayed in Lisbon for five nights. Lisbon was a bit cooler than Seville, which made it more bearable to walk around in, however I have never been to such a hilly place - everywhere we went involved climbing up and down several hills (but at least we got our cardio in!).

Things to see:
There are loads of beaches if you go further along the coast of Lisbon, however these beaches tend to get really busy, so, instead, we went across the 25 de Abril Bridge to Costa da Caparica. We had to get a taxi across to it so it was slightly more expensive than going to one of the other beaches, but that was worth it in my eyes because I'd rather go to a quieter beach. One thing to note is that you shouldn't try to leave the beach when people are finishing work because the traffic on the bridge is horrendous and most taxi drivers won't pick you up at that time. There are also loads of museums in Lisbon for you to visit. Unfortunately, MUDE was closed whilst we were there but we still went to the Berardo Collection museum and the MAAT. I particularly enjoyed the MAAT because it contained loads of interesting exhibitions based on art, architecture and technology. A short walk from the MAAT is the Torre de Belem - this apparently gives great views of Lisbon, however, when we went it was incredibly foggy so we didn't bother going up it. If you have an afternoon free, then you should have a wander around the Alfama district. This is the oldest district of Lisbon and you can really see a difference between Alfama and the other districts, plus it gives amazing views. We visited the National Pantheon whilst we were in Alfama, which is where important Portuguese personalities are buried. To get back from Alfama, we got Tram 28 - which is one of the oldest trams in Lisbon. Usually this tram is really busy but, because we got on later in the evening and at a quieter stop, there was plenty of space on the tram.

We were lucky enough to be in Lisbon when the 'Lisbon Under Stars' immersive spectacle was being shown at the Carmo Archaeological Museum. Virtual dancers and visual effects were projected on to the ruins of the old Church of Santa Maria do Carmo to show the history of Lisbon. Unfortunately this spectacle has finished now, however, if you're planning on visiting Lisbon, then I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out to see if something like this is happening again.

Places to eat:
We went to The Mill for breakfast three times whilst we were in Lisbon - it's THAT good! The place is quite small so we had to wait outside for about 10/15 minutes every day, but it's worth the wait. I had the veggie breakfast a couple of times (perfect for any avocado lovers!) and I also had the pancakes (these were the fluffiest pancakes I'd ever seen!). The best lunch we had was at O Prego da Peixaria - they served delicious steak sandwiches. In fact, their steak sandwiches were so good that we had them for both lunch and dinner one day - please don't judge! Lastly, we found that the Time Out Market was the best place to go for dinner. There's loads of different stalls you can choose from and the meals are generally cheaper than if you were to go to a restaurant. However, there's limited seating here so you need to get here early to guarantee a seat.

For the final night of our trip, my boyfriend surprised me with a stay at the Casa do Principe aka the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in! I'm going to do a separate post on that because I feel like it deserves a whole post to itself. So there you have my summary of Lisbon, hopefully you've found it useful. Have you been to Lisbon before?


  1. Oh my goodness, your photographs are insane, would have loved to have seen the projection show on that Church. Your writing is so interesting, I am so glad I came across your blog, have found you through your comment on MakeErinOver's Holiday Lipstick blog post.

    Will continue to read your other posts, definitely need to go to Lisbon soon!

    1. Thank you so much! The seventh photo is one of the projections on the church - it was so good! That's great to hear, Lisbon is an amazing city x

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